Diaspora Consultants
“Working in collaboration with communities throughout the Diaspora”

For more information contact us at Diasporaconsultants@gmail.com

International Exchanges
• Organize educational and cultural exchanges in the United States and Brazil
• Facilitate the development of linkages between grassroots NGO’s

• 13 years coordinating travel for groups in Africa, Latin America
and the United States.
• Honors Degree in Africana Studies, Brown University
• Master’s Degree in International Educational Development, Columbia University
• 20 years combined experience developing and facilitating workshops on the Black and Latino experience throughout the diaspora.

 • English & Portuguese lessons
 • Written translation (Portuguese, English, Spanish)
 • Live interpretation (Portuguese, English, Spanish)

• Master’s Degree Teacher’s College, Columbia University
• 7 years formal language arts teaching in public school system
• 3 years experience translating documents and websites

Program and Organizational Development
 • Retreat planning and facilitation
• Programming analysis and development
 • Organizational analysis and development
 • Staff development & training
 • Strategic planning
• Evaluation planning

• Co-Founders of two nationally recognized youth organizations 
• 20 years of combined experience developing and facilitating award winning youth programs
 • 20 years executive management of middle sized non-profits
• 8 years working within non-profit horizontal collective
 • 15 years facilitating staff development trainings
• 20 years of community organizing
• 12 years developing and facilitating small and large group retreats

Fundraising & Financial Management
 • Proposal Development
 • Financial Management Planning
 • Grassroots Fundraising Support
 • Strategic Planning

 • Over 20 years combined experience with proposal & budget development
 • Raised over $5,000,000 US Dollars for youth and community development work
 • Developed hundreds of successful proposals for grants ranging from $500 -  $300,000  
• Obtained Support from over 100 Foundations and Corporations
• Successful track record coordinating special events
• Successful  management of grassroots fundraising campaigns.